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The Speak-Up whistleblower policy is a mechanism that gives all stakeholders the opportunity to anonymously report concerns over misconduct at the DP World Paramaribo terminal, without any fear of retribution. The response to this report will be objective, professional and consistent; and will not endanger you in any way. View our Speak-Up whistleblower policy here

Modern slavery act

As part of a multi-national, we know that we can play an important role in improving people's lives, strengthening the community and protecting the environment. This means ensuring that slavery, forced labor and human trafficking are not tolerated in our activities or those of our suppliers. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously. View our Modern Slavery act policy here

Contractors management

As part of the contractors management policy, DP World also expects that suppliers apply a code of conduct that describes the standards and behavior that we expect. It is intended to promote ethical business, professional conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. With this policy we try to establish a sustainable relationship with our suppliers, in which we are also active. View our code of conduct here

Code of Ethics and Anti-Bribery

We are committed to ensuring that everything we does has a long-lasting positive impact on economies and society. As a result, we set rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards for ourselves and the way we do business. Our DP World Code of Ethics outlines how we maintain international best practice in preventing conflicts of interest, fraud, insider trading; misuse of confidential and personal information, and modern slavery. To read our Code of Ethics, please click here.