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Cargo Transfer

Loading or Unloading to inland modes of transport; Storage, Stacking or Commercial Depot, issuance of documents to record the receipt and dispatch of cargo, comprehending its administration and management, and including all resources and activities necessary for the provision of these Services. Set of Loading or Unloading activities; Lashing or Unlashing; Embarkation or Disembarkation; Portage.

Cargo Wharfage

This is the right that Ship-owners have, either directly or through their Shipping Agent or representatives and Cargo Shippers or Consignees, either directly or through their representatives, to use the infrastructure and facilities of the Terminal in handling the cargo transported or to be transported on vessels or watercrafts that use the Terminal berths.


This is the right that Ship-owners have, either directly or through their Shipping Agent or representatives, to use the infrastructure and facilities of the Terminal in Handling Major and Minor Merchant Vessels, Major and Minor Special Vessels and Naval Artifacts. Factory Vessels shall receive the same treatment as Merchant Vessels.

Special Services

These are services requested by users and are not included in the basic services established in the Concession Contract and therefore the fees for them are not Subject to Maximum Values. These services are provided with own personnel and equipment or people subcontracted by the Consignee upon the request of the User, and also in accordance with the planning of the operations and the places assigned for them.

Gate Opening Hours: 07:00 – 15:00. For any deliveries for after Gate opening hours a 24 hrs prior notice must be send to the port operator

a. Permanent CPA Pass holders: Current pass holders need to communicate with DPWL HSSE Dpt. in order to arrange DPWL Safety & Security Induction training. Attending induction training is a requirement towards obtaining access to DPWL area.

b. Visitors – No permanent CPA Pass holders: Access arrangements to take place at the Limassol Port Main gate by DPWL security staff. I.D. or passport must be provided to security staff prior issue of visitor pass. To be returned to owner upon exit.

a. There are several parking areas around DPWL area. It is recommended to avoid access by private cars.

b. Motorcycles & bicycles are not allowed to enter.

Yes. Before any cargo can leave the port area must receive clearance from Customs. The client must make arrangement for Customs clearance.
For cargo to be release from DPWL, the client must have the following: Customs Clearance, Delivery Order, receipt of payment of Service.
Before any integrate movement between terminals permission must be taken from Customs. Once permission is obtained the Port Operator must be informed via the client’s agent and thereafter the Port operators will coordinate for the operation following internal procedures.

a. Bank transfer of amounts directly to DPWL’s bank account. Bank account details and relevant instructions will be included on the invoice; and

b. POS payment through JCC is now available

It is noted that DPWL will not accept cash payments.

For issues regarding account statements and payments, please contact us at +357 25 858714, or through email at info@dpworldlimassol.com.

For issues regarding invoices / billing, please contact us at +357 25 858712, or through email at info@dpworldlimassol.com.

Under the heading Contact Us, on our website, you can find our contact details for any proposition you may have.

You can use the email provided info@dpworldlimassol.com to give us a brief idea of what you like to propose and your contact details including telephone, email and hours that you can be reached. You can also complete the contact form and a member of our Commercial team will then contact you to discuss further.