Handling and Packing Services

Handling and Packing Services

We are focused on providing support to our customers in order to manage their goods in the most efficient way. We help them manage their costs efficiently whether they consolidate profits in an established market or grow harder in emerging markets.

Embracing Change- With an open and proactive approach to gathering new ideas, we have developed a culture that is ready to embrace change. We invest in smart technology and innovation to improve our efficiency.

We are ready to take care of your cargo whether you need handling only or packing of bulk goods.

The port has the capacity of berthing 5 vessels alongside on a 800 meters long quay, were we can provide mooring for 5 vessels simultaneously and organise loading or discharging of various goods.

We operate with 2 packing machines- 25/1kg bags packing and Big Bags packing (from 500kg up to 2000kg)