Ports and Terminals

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Ports and Terminals

World class, state-of-the-art infrastructure.


We focus on helping our customers handle their cargo movement, from points of production to points of sale, in the most efficient way possible. We support them to manage their costs effectively as they consolidate gains in an established market or stretch for growth in an emerging region.

Ports & Terminals plays a key role, operating a strategically located network of ports and marine terminals in both mature and high-growth markets. Since the 2000s we have gradually expanded this global network through a combination of acquisitions and concession agreements, demonstrating a commitment to the locations where we operate that can last for decades.

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Embracing Change

With an open and proactive approach to gathering new ideas we have developed a culture that is always ready to embrace change. This has led us to invest in smart technology and innovation to enhance our efficiency, resulting in developments such as our remote control rooms, and enabling us to maintain state-of-the-art safety and security practices.

These developments have improved the efficiency of our quayside operations, enabled us to diversify our teams, and reduced risk on site. They demonstrate how we are always looking to improve our productivity while providing efficient movement of goods and resources around the world.

Innovation First

Innovation is driving us to invest in new ways to move cargo to and from our quaysides more efficiently. This has seen us develop intermodal transport services in several of our ports and terminals, to increase the speed of cargo movement.

This quest for greater efficiency is also behind our investment in hyperloop technology, which could greatly increase the speed at which we move freight around and between our expansive facilities. Our aim through all of this is simple: we want to help our customers, while managing their costs effectively and supporting trade and development in the nations where we operate.

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