Geef mee vorm aan de wereldhandel van de toekomst


Join our team to help reshape the global trade landscape.

As a leading enabler of global smart trade, DP World plays a key role in the world’s supply chain, developing economies and growing prosperity for billions.

DP World employs over 100,000 employees, 750 of which are working in Antwerp. As it's our people who are our most important asset, we create an engaging, stimulating work environment and help our employees achieve their full potential through comprehensive programmes of learning and development.

DP World's emphasis on cultivating a dynamic, inclusive and inspiring work environment is one of the key factors driving the company's success. While our operations may be diverse, the values of team work, commitment, innovation and sustainability are deeply rooted within our corporate culture.

For further expansion we will attract several new employees in the near future.

Please find our job opportunities here (in Dutch).