Empty Depot Services

Empty Depot Services

A broad range of container services

DP World Antwerp - Empty Depot Services (EDS) is our off dock empty depot at the left bank of the river Scheldt and offers a broad range of container services to Antwerp Gateway customers, such as storage, maintenance, cleaning and repair. The empty depot is a 100 % DP World Antwerp entity.

EDS handles empty containers that are on their way to or from Antwerp Gateway. After the damage check, they can go to the repair department if necessary. EDS is centrally located in the port of Antwerp and can also be reached by barge.

Truck Appointment System at EDS

From 31 May 2021, Empty Depot Services will also switch to an appointment system via the Truck Appointment System (TAS). From then on you create a TAS in advance for every visit to EDS via E-World 1700.

By implementing this sytem we try to gain more control over the number of trucks at the terminal, which will ensure a smoother flow, better distribution, faster administration and less waiting times for truckers.

Some practical matters

  • The pre-registration is mandatory from 31 May 2021 and can be booked from 26 May 2021. It is not possible to make an appointment at the Self-Service Desk on site. If no TAS has been created in advance, it will not be possible to handle the truck.
  • The slots consist of 2 hours with a tolerance of 30 minutes before and after the booked slot.
  • Adjustments or rebooking of a slot, for example if you are too early or too late, can only be done via E-World 1700.

Download the leaflet with manual for truck drivers here.

Key numbers

Yard capacity 140.000 m²
Repair 10.500 m²
Reefers 100 PTI connections
Empty handlers 11

landside 1791

waterside 1608

Capacity 15.000 TEU


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Check the tariffs at Empty Depot Services
Disclaimer: This tariff list is a binding on the customer unless there is an existing agreement with a different price setting. The prices are exclusive of VAT. DP World reserves the right to adjust or change the rates at any time.

Tariff List

Control and Repair

Our damage check criteria are carefully tailored to the destination of the freight to optimize the number of repairs. Our well-trained repair team has all the means to repair any damage to your container.

Advanced Stock Management

We take care of your stock and monitor the dwell time, to optimize the period the container is unused in the stack.

Dedicated reefer service

Our PTI includes monitoring, checking, cleaning, repairing and setting up your refrigerated container to ensure your reefer is clean and ready in all respect to receive cargo.