Charges and Peak Periods

Vehicle Booking System (VBS) Tariff

View the Business Landside Update and Annual Adjustment of Vehicle Booking System (VBS) Service Charges - 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024 announcement.

Bank holidays will be treated as normal weekdays, with peak times applicable to charges below.

VBS Charges



Off-Peak Booking


Peak Booking


Weekend Booking charge: Sat 12:00-18:00 / Sun 07:00-19:00


VBS Premium Container Listing (per container)


VBS Non-Conformance Charge ▫


Passenger in cab charge


Annual Terminal Awareness Course (3 year period) Year 1: £50.00 / Year 2: £35.00 / Year 3: £35.00
Replacement Driver ID Card ●£42.12

Vehicle Euro IV and Euro V Emission Charge ◊


Electric HGV Credit ͌


Terminal Damage Administration Fee (per instance) 


▫ VBS Non-Conformance Charge: - common examples: No vehicle has arrived within the VBS booking time, driver departs Terminal within 60 mins of arrival without completing transactions, seal check not completed

● Charge for Replacement Driver ID Card

▫ Annual Terminal Awareness Course – Drivers to undertake with multiple choice test – 3 year period, on 4th year the 3 year period will recommence with a higher charge for year 1 to allow for new functionality enhancements

◊ Charge for high emission vehicles

͌  Electric HGV Credit – haulage company who made VBS bookings will receive credit.