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Where’s My Ship?

Looking for more information on a specific vessel calling at DP World Southampton? View the latest information, arrival and departure times in our always up-to-date vessel schedule.

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Where's My Container?

Looking for detailed information on the status of your containers? Access our tool to help customers and cargo owners to track and trace their containers.

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Opening Hours

View our port’s shipside and landside opening hours, including details on our bank holiday operational working hours.

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Vehicle Booking System

Login to our VBS system to book and manage appointments to pick up or drop off a container. You can make multiple bookings, cancel or reallocate containers, there’s even a traffic light system to tell you when a container is available.

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News Highlights
DP World boosts safety with world’s first remote pinning station at Southampton hub
In a major step forward for employee safety, DP World has introduced a remote pinning station at its Southampton hub, the first of...
DP World launches programme to encourage cargo owners to shift to rail
DP World has launched a new programme in the UK to help cargo owners reduce their carbon emissions by shifting from road to rail.
DP World opens largest UK music and video distribution warehouse in partnership with Utopia Distribution Services
DP World, a leading provider of global end-to-end supply chain solutions, will this month open the UK’s largest distribution wareh...