Mina Al Hamriya

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Mina Al Hamriya is competitively positioned as the traditional cargo gateway to Dubai, situated strategically as UAE's central trading hub.

Mina Al Hamriya serves as a traditional cargo gateway, facilitating the movement of non-containerised cargo between Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, East Africa, and India. The port is well known for its flexibility, being able to berth different kinds of vessels from traditional dhows to breakbulk vessels and RoRo ships. The port’s location – close to the centre of Dubai – makes it an ideal destination for goods that benefit from the city's proximity.

Mina Al Hamriya has one of the largest quarantine facilities in the Middle East, making it a destination terminal for livestock imports. It is also a preferred port for the region’s fishing industry due to its ability to berth 190 fishing vessels at a time. The port is an attractive hub for used car trading, given its proximity to Dubai’s used car markets.

Waste Disposal Facility

DP World UAE is a signatory of MARPOL 73/78, the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships. Under which, ports are obliged to ensure facilities to receive residues of oil and noxious liquid substances and of garbage, adequate to meet the needs of ships using them, without causing undue delays.

Port Reception Facilities

To enforce compliance with MARPOL, Government of Dubai and port regulators have designated a number of companies qualified to collect or receive, and treat hazardous solid and liquid waste from vessels. The waste is collected through various means dependent on its type.

Currently, Mina Al Hamriya is undergoing upgrade and modernisation work to better support its traditional capabilities and leverage its strategic location in the centre of Dubai.