Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainability

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Community investment is a major part of our sustainability and impact strategy.

We also align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) of the United Nations and take a data-driven approach to implementing the SDGs.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - a comprehensive plan for peace and prosperity for people and the planet - were endorsed on September 25, 2015. Global Goals Week is an annual week of awareness, action, and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To this end, Djazair port World is also taking the opportunity to accelerate progress towards the SDGs and focus on objective No. 4 "Ensure access for all to quality education" for the most vulnerable children. and the most marginalized especially with the COVID-19 pandemic which has spread throughout the world, also without forgetting the fires which have affected several regions of Algeria; children will undoubtedly be out of school, or their start of school will be postponed; this situation will disrupt their learning.

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Why: DP World is committed to working towards the SDGs, and through our community strategy, we focus on these 7 SDGs in particular:

  • Objective 14 – Life Underwater Objective
  • 6 – Clean water and sanitation Objective
  • 5 – Gender equality Objective
  • 4 – Quality education Objective
  • 3 – Good health and well-being Objective
  • 1 – No Poverty Every partnership we develop aims to contribute to one of these goals, and we want to motivate and engage employees to learn more about these partnerships and the SDGs at the same time.

Objective: Our objective is to increase the knowledge and commitment of DP World staff to the SDGs, as well as our global partnerships and their contribution.

Our sustainability projects

Contributions against COVID19

Discover our initiatives to support our local communities through the pandemic.

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Djelfa project

Read about our commitment to installing solar energy equipment.

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Fadounon rehabilitation project

Read about how we worked to lift the isolation from the Illizi region through rehabilitation projects.

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Go-Green project

Discover how we celebrate International Day of Forests through hosting a tree plantation drive.

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