Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Trading Terms

DP World Southampton is a trading name of Southampton Container Terminals Limited, a company registered in England No: 1960484.

Southampton Container Terminals ("SCT") trade subject to standard trading conditions. These standard trading conditions limit, and in some instances exclude, SCT's liability for losses and damage. Please note that these standard trading conditions apply to all work undertaken by SCT of whatever nature.

In some circumstances SCT have agreed individual contracts with shipping lines. These individual contracts apply to the relationship between the shipping lines and SCT only. SCT's liability to any party making a claim, other than a shipping line with whom such an individual contract has been made, will be subject to and governed by the standard trading conditions.

A copy of our Multi-Purpose Trading Terms and Conditions for Southampton Container Terminal can be downloaded.

The Standard Trading Terms comprise the following:

1. Definitions and Interpretation 

2. Application of Conditions

3. Provision of Services

4. Customer's Warranties 

5. Hazardous Goods and Waste

6. Documentation, Formalities and Seals

7. Import and Export Formalities

8. Goods, Equipment and Liens

9. Supplier Liability

10. Customer Indemnity

11. Payment

12. Data Protect and Number Plate Recognition 

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14. General 

15. Bribery and Corruption

16. Notices

Terms of Purchase

DP World Southampton is a business name of Southampton Container Terminals Limited, a company registered in England No: 1960484.

Please use this link to download a printable version of the complete Terms and conditions of Purchase (PDF).

The terms of purchase comprise the following:

1. Definitions

2. General

3. Application

4. Title and risk

5. Delivery

6. Price

7. Imported/Exported Goods

8. Payment

9. Quality and defects

10. Inspection

11. Work on SCT's premises

12. Rejection

13. Force majeure

14. Termination

15. Indemnity

16. Notices

17. Confidentiality

18. Law and jurisdiction

19. Prevention of corruption

Supplier Instructions

For purchase orders, deliveries and invoice submission,