Our Services

Container Operations

DP World Jeddah is offering all types of container handling operations including loading on vessel. Discharging from vessel, X-Ray scanning, shifting to exam area for manual inspection, stripping/stuffing, cross-stuffing, etc. These operations are supported using specialized equipment and planned and monitored by advanced Terminal Operating System NAVIS N4 & XPS.

Reefer Monitoring

DP World Jeddah has dedicated reefer tower platform to accommodate over 1,200 reefers simultaneously and capacity to accommodate 400 additional plug points using generators to meet the demand.

CFS Operations

DP World Jeddah has dedicated area for CFS operations. LCL containers are shifted to this area where they are stripped, examined by Customs, and delivered to Consignee trucks.


DP World Jeddah has five warehouses having a combined area of 54,493 sq. m. for cargo consolidation and storage.