Golf & DP World

Seamlessly connecting smart logistics with the masterful precision of golf. We are growing the game globally and delivering it to more people around the world than ever before.

Golf & DP World

In a game defined by precision and perfect execution, our partnerships aim to elevate the sport at every level. From the graphite in the clubs to the quartz in the sand, we are at the heart of golf’s supply chain, enabling the growth of the game.


With a year-round calendar, and a truly global footprint, golf is a sport that reflects the nature of our business. Through our leading smart logistics, we deliver the ingredients that make golf possible, support grassroots initiatives and shape the future of both golf and trade for everyone.

Our Partnerships

The Second-Life Container

DP World Tour golf container

Changing what’s possible

Setting out on the 2022 season, our unique container has been on a mission to collect used and lost golf balls ever since. Travelling the DP World Tour, we’ve so far provided over 130,000 balls to grassroots organisations in India, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

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