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Our global networks help make the game of cricket flow all across the world.

Cricket is a game that, much like our global end-to-end logistics solutions, connects the world and we are proud to support it in different forms across the UAE, Africa, and the Sub-Continent. Over the years, the game has transformed with people around the globe showcasing a relentless attitude towards innovation and growth, reflecting our own drive to unlock the potential in global trade networks to change the game for our customers.

In March 2023 we announced a major partnership with global cricket powerhouse, Delhi Capitals. The partnership was forged from a shared commitment to high-performance and innovation – symbolised in the team’s home and the Indian capital, New Delhi, a multi-cultural city, home to the nation’s parliament and a global hub, that like DP World, connects across borders.

Becoming the Official Global Logistics Partner of the Delhi Capitals was an extension of our wider role in global cricket. We are proud to have supported the growth of the game in the UAE, including the 2022 DP World Asia Cup and the DP World ILT20 tournament, which held its inaugural season in 2023.

We are also title partners of the DP World Lions, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Lions’ home is the DP World Wanderers Stadium, one of the most iconic venues in world cricket.

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