Oceans Protection

Oceans Protection

Our business depends on the sea, it is the artery of global trade and its well-being is key to our future. So we have chosen to highlight the importance of Oceans to us all, and to join hands with partners to focus attention on them. DP World UAE is committed to preserving the oceans and creating a better world for our people and our community.

Harbour Water Monitoring

DP World UAE constantly monitors the waters in which it operates by using the latest available technology. The monitoring is conducted using different methods, including handheld devices, 24/7 online monitoring probes and regular laboratory testing in compliance with regulatory requirements. Harbour supervision is also conducted through our workforce of competent divers, a specialist drone team, CCTV system and patrol vessels.

We invest in studies to enhance the environmental performance of Jebel Ali Port and Harbour by identifying potential risks and the best solutions to mitigate against them.

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

  • Renewable Energy
  • DP World UAE actively invests in renewable energy to safeguard the future generations and drive sustainable operations with minimal negative impact on the environment. 157,000 solar panels are being installed across UAE Region’s assets, generating clean energy to fully power 4,600 homes. DP World’s global headquarters in Jebel Ali is now carbon neutral as the result of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, installed on the building’s rooftop and car park.

  • Energy Conservation
  • We are committed to sustainability, actively working to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint across our operations. Key strategies for energy conservation include, but are not limited to: avoiding unnecessary idling of machinery, motion sensor activations, hybrid engine roll out, installation of smart metering capabilities, enhancement in operational efficiencies and replacement of ageing equipment with new lower-carbon technologies.

    We use refitting technology to enhance the performance of ageing assets and current infrastructure. Our in-house programmes are aligned with the Dubai Supreme Energy Council’s Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, aiming at securing sustainable supply of energy and enhancing demand efficiency (water, power & transportation fuel).

Cleanup Campaigns

DP World UAE runs multiple Clean Up campaigns each year focusing on oceans, waterways and proximity land environments surrounding waterfronts. We also conduct underwater cleaning campaigns through trained teams of divers to reduce the negative impact on ecosystems and marine life. The designated crew of a purpose-built cleaning vessel (skimmer boat) monitors and cleans up the harbour at Jebel Ali Port.

  • Awareness Programmes
  • Awareness sessions are conducted to build knowledge and understanding in employees, contractors, schools within our communities and third parties such as fishermen. By undertaking these awareness sessions, we aim to arm individuals with the talent and ability to keep our waters and shores pollution-free and inspire them to clean up the environment regularly. The training is conducted by DP World Environment Ambassadors who are highly skilled with experience and knowledge in ocean protection. We run awareness campaigns supporting Car Free Day, Beach Clean Up, World Water Day, Earth Hour, World Day for Safety at Work, ‘Beat the Heat’ campaign, World Environment Day, World Health Day, and Children's Drawing Competition.