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Track and Trace

Enabling smarter flows of trade with Europe’s first ‘Track and Trace’ system for containers.

Introducing 'Track and Trace'

'Track and Trace' by P&O Ferrymasters, a DP World company, means customers in Europe can now track and trace each of their shipments every step of the way, allowing them to optimise their supply chain connections with new levels of precision. Powered by our inhouse system, Fr8manager, Track and Trace allows customers to receive real-time updates on the precise location of their goods as they are transported by rail, road and sea. This innovation improves efficiency, reduces costs and increases the speed of information exchange.

It has been designed to advance the digitalisation of trade and significantly improve customers’ visibility of the supply chain. Delivering world beating transparency and unprecedented levels of real-time visibility, customers can now optimise resource utilisation and improve efficiency. Not only does this allow businesses to tactically plan onward connections, they can also give their customers greater visibility on when to expect delivery.

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