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SH Pratt has been importing and ripening bananas since 1947, handling 25 million pieces of fruit every week.

It has now opened a 108,555-sq. ft temperature-controlled warehouse for produce at London Gateway, thanks to a compelling business case put together by DP World’s logistics experts.

Our analysis showed the clear value of establishing a port-centric perishables facility on the doorstep of the UK’s largest consumer market - London and South East England - with more than 18 million potential customers within a 90-minute drive.

We demonstrated London Gateway’s position as the premier port for fresh and frozen produce, and acted as a trusted partner to help SH Pratt realise a unique opportunity for new business.

SH Pratt’s Halo facility is designed to reduce costs, minimise food waste and increase freshness in perishable and chilled supply chains. It is now serving customers from around the world at a fully integrated, sustainable logistics hub at London Gateway.

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