New collaboration between Danser Group, Swissterminal and DP World join strengthens Rhine shipping

New collaboration between Danser Group, Swissterminal and DP World join strengthens Rhine shipping

Date: 27/01/2024

Flexible and reliable container transport from the border triangle to Antwerp and Rotterdam

Logistics companies Danser Group, Swissterminal and DP World join forces for freight transport on the Rhine as of 1 February 2024. In their cooperation, they collectively aim to establish a sustainable, reliable and flexible inland shipping service from the border triangle (Switzerland, France, Germany) to the West Sea ports. With two departures a week, the coupled barges directly connect the terminals Birsfelden, Basel, Ottmarsheim and Strasbourg with the largest European deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp. The customer-oriented transport solution aims to further optimise logistics processes and strengthen competitiveness.

The geopolitical situation, changes in demand and fluctuating markets pose challenges for manufacturing in the European hinterland. Reliable and robust transportation networks provide the foundation for efficient logistics processes, which in turn strengthen the competitiveness of companies in global trade. Against this backdrop, the logistics companies Danser Group, Swissterminal and DP World collaborate for freight transport on the Rhine. They initiate the joint inland shipping service on 1 February 2024

Reliable, sustainable and cost-effective transport solution

Danser Group, Swissterminal and DP World aim to ensure maximum schedule stability with competitive transit times between the hinterland and the deep-sea ports. With low fuel consumption and high load capacity, the inland waterway vessel is one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective means of inland transport.

The inland shipping service provides customers with a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective transport solution that further optimises their logistics processes. The cooperation creates synergies that strengthen not only the three partners but also the entire logistics sector in the European hinterland.

Combined strengths offer customers a flexible transport solution

The three partners leverage their combined strengths for this customer-oriented transport solution. While Danser Group brings unparalleled expertise in Rhine shipping, Swissterminal is a Swiss pioneer in container depot and handling and, since 2021, operates three Alsace ports. DP World complements the cooperation as a global provider of end-to-end logistics solutions, enabling customers to have a seamless supply chain to the rest of the world.

“The introduction of our own barge service to Switzerland and our Alsace terminals via seaports in Rotterdam and Antwerp, allow DP World and Swissterminal to offer a product truly from the factory floor to the customer door. We see this as extending the service provision from our Rotterdam World Gateway and Antwerp Gateway terminals to the inland ports operated by DP World and Swissterminal. Swissterminal already operates a bespoke train service, Schweizerzug, on this corridor and with this upgrade in service provision, we further enhance our commitment to this important market.” underlines John Woollacott, Chief Operating Officer Port & Terminal, Europe, from DP World.

Former Rhine shipping partners look forward to their reunion

With the establishment of the barge cooperation, Danser Group and Swissterminal reunite, having jointly revived Rhine shipping from 1990 to 2010 under the Penta Containerline. Two former partners reunite, with partnership and trust forming the foundation for the success of their joint inland shipping service

“Our trio aims not only for efficiency in Rhine shipping but also for high-quality transport solutions for our customers. Trust and expertise form the basis for this. My previous collaboration with both Danser Group in Basel and DP World has shown me that I can rely on two strong and experienced partners in their fields. We combine our strengths, creating a sustainable and efficient transport solution that brings real value to our customers,” emphasises Roman Mayer, CEO of Swissterminal.

The timetable of the barge is published here.

The barge service is operated with four coupling units.

For each vessel, a capacity of 342 to 348 TEU along with 24 to 32 reefer slots is available.