Reefer Services

Reefer Services:

DP World Sokhna has unrivalled container facilities supported by an excellent road network, connecting to Egypt's major industrial hubs 10th Ramadan City and 6th October City.

  • Port served by 13 shipping lines, made up of leading reefer container carriers, offering weekly services.
  • 584 Reefer Plugs with a facility of increasing it by 100 More.
  • Comprehensive PTI and monitoring services.
  • Flexibility on cut-off times for receiving, to accommodate just-in-time delivery.
  • Seven-day fee-free export storage for early delivery.
  • Direct Gen-set rentals
  • Maintenance; Software update, cable elongation, reefer setting adjustments, splice kit
  • Cold Treatment preparations

Import charges (in US$ paid directly to DP World Sokhna)

20ft 40ft
Release charges (includes inspection) $90 $135
Storage (first seven days) Free Free
Storage (first seven days) As per standard tariff As per standard tariff
Power (per day, per container)$16 per day$16 per day
Admin chargesAs per standard tariffAs per standard tariff

Export charges (paid by shipping lines)

20ft 40ft
X-ray inspection Free Free
PTI by DP World Sokhna $20 $20
Power Source from PTI by external vendor $5 $5
Power (per day, per container)$16 per day$16 per day
Storage (first seven days)FreeFree