Port Particulars

DP World Luanda's main business is the operations of the port container terminal. Our terminal provides conditions for storage/handling of containers reefers, containers with dangerous cargo and dry containers.

Terminal characteristics

  • 610 (m) linear quay, uniform draft -12.5(m).
  • Only terminal in Angola able to berth 2 larger vessels simultaneously.
  • Terminal with Largest storage capacity in Angola.
  • No transfer of containers to ICD.
  • Customs scanner - suited for export cargo.

Due to the improvement of the conditions found since we took over the terminal the average movement per hour has doubled.

As an integral part of Angola's economy, DP World Luanda offers a gateway to importers and exporters throughout the country and a transit gateway to the regions of southern Africa (Kinshasa, Katanga, Lusaka).

Terminal Present Capacity Terminal future Capacity
Import yard 8.808 TEUS 11.010 TEUS
Empty yard 4.940 TEUS 6.916 TEUS
Reefer 576 TEUS (288 plugs) 720 TEUS (360 plugs)

Terminal dimensions

  • Related to our terminal Berth/ Pier capabilities and allowance.
  • Maximum length of the pier 610 meters.
  • Maximum depth alongside 12.50 meters.
  • Bollard capacity 1000 KN/ unit
  • Maximum Beam Permitted 18 row based on currently Mobile cranes range capacity.