Abdul Mateen Shaikh

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Abdul Mateen Shaikh, Vessel Foreman, DP World, Jebel Ali, UAE

“My name is Abdul Mateen Shaikh, and I am a Vessel Foreman at DP World. My experiences with DP World have shaped my perspectives on the world and wider society. I think it is important that whether it is our personal or professional lives, we should all grow and evolve in some way. And for me, that is embodied by my work with technology.

“I joined back in 2012 as a Dowel-Man. I worked hard in this role and after two years I was rewarded with a promotion to my current position. Knowing that hard work and perseverance payoff is incredibly satisfying.

“In my current role as a Vessel Foreman, my responsibility is to deliver the latest updated documents from the Planning Department to an assigned foreman. My job is an integral part of the entire vessel operations process. I also collect the daily schedule from Staff Control, so we can allocate work appropriately. In a sense, I have a resourcing role so that we are running efficiently and smartly.

“A turning point in my story comes – like for many others – when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. During the initial months of the pandemic, we had sudden shortages of tools like cranes, and it was much harder for extra support to reach us.

“But as with most challenges, we can either become overwhelmed or look for ways out. My own experience and the way we work at DP World allowed me to see this as an opportunity to step up and offer my services as a Port Labour controller. It is one of the best decisions I ever made. Stepping up like this not only helped to bring out the best in me but also intensified my passion for using processes to do things better.”

Passion for robotics

“I’m fascinated by technology and have been learning a lot about robotics because of our implementation of this type of automation at DP World. Rather than taking our jobs, robotics plays an important role in making human jobs easier.

“I think they’ve made our professional lives better – adding a new dimension to our world and representing a turning point in our future. Everything from the economy to healthcare will be improved as a result. And in our industry, robots will soon be able to carry out several important jobs both at sea and onshore.

“Personally, it took some time to adapt to these types of technologies. But because I understand the impact robotics will have on productivity, precision, speed, and efficiency, I’ve tried to immerse myself in understanding the field.

Safety is our priority

“Importantly, I think robots will be pivotal in eliminating dangers as they will limit exposure to hazardous environments. Through automation, we will be able to lift heavy loads, toxic substances and perform labour-intensive and repetitive tasks. I believe robots will help bring an end to workplace accidents from working with dangerous chemicals or fatigue leading to injury. Robots should free us all up to do more fulfilling, interesting work.

“Looking forward, I want to incorporate new technology into my work much more. I firmly believe that technology will help to enhance my career as a Vessel Foreman and further contribute to DP World. But first, I want to take the next step up. I want to become a supervisor – adding to my skills with my knowledge of robotics and helping to shape the future of trade."